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Why Do We Get Sick During the Winter Months?

Feb 3, 2023 | Health

Every time colder weather begins to creep in, everyone has one person in their household that catches a virus. Data shows December through February is the peak months for the flu, common cold, stomach bug, and other illnesses. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s inevitable you or someone close to you will get one of these illnesses.

Why do we get sick during these months? Many people blame the cold temperature but there are more factors that increase your likelihood of getting sick.

Indoor Environments
During the winter months, most people stay inside to keep warm with the heat on. There are fewer outdoor activities so now many people are inside more often. When people are in a small space for an extended period, it becomes the perfect situation for viruses to pass from person to person.

Ventilation issues become a huge factor in spreading viruses when people are indoors. Without open windows or doors letting in the fresh air and filtering out used air, people start breathing recycled air from everyone else. Even if a building has a great HVAC system, ventilation isn’t as effective as it is with the doors and windows open.

Humidity levels drop during the winter months which has a great impact on the spread of illnesses. Cold air retains moisture, making the air outside drier than in the warmer months. This is the same indoors with the heat drying out the air as well.

Many believe that virus particles have an easier time multiplying in drier environments. With dryer air, some may suffer from dry skin including the skin in their nose. If a nasal passage is dry it tends to crack increasing the risk of harmful bacteria getting into a person’s body.

Travel and Holidays
Colder months also include more travel due to the holiday season. Many people travel to be with large groups of people and often use bigger modes of transportation to get to their destination. This becomes a breeding ground for germs because there are many people traveling in a small space for an extended period.

There are steps people can follow to reduce and eliminate the spread of illnesses this winter season.

  • Encourage people to wash their hands regularly.
  • Create space with people if you’re in a small space.
  • Purchase an air purifier for your office.
  • Purchase a humidifier to put moisture in the air to avoid dry air.
  • Create a plan if there’s an illness outbreak in your workspace.
  • Review and revise your cleaning routine with your certified cleaning crew.
  • Do not go to work if you’re feeling sick.
  • Disinfect high-traffic surfaces multiple times throughout the day.

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