A note on COVID-19

I have been in the commercial cleaning industry for 25 years. Never could I have imagined these last few months and the affect COVID -19 has had on our customers, our employees and our community.

Our customers have taken a closer look at not only what we clean, but how we clean it and what equipment and chemicals are used. The pandemic has revealed to our customers the crucial role cleaning plays currently and how it will play in the future.

Our employee’s efforts have truly exemplified why cleaners are deemed “essential services”. Cleaners can’t telecommute! Their dedication and commitment to our customers and facilities under this sudden, intense scrutiny has been inspiring. The pride they have in themselves and their workmanship is a true blessing.

The community at large has had a shift in thinking regarding janitors. Formerly cleaners were seen as, perhaps essential, but not commanding a lot of respect. That has taken a dramatic turn in the last year. It has been wonderful to watch others recognize cleaners in such a venerable role.

I am confident this unexpected and surreal time shall pass and we will find our new normal with COVID -19 in the world. My fervent wish is the realization that cleaners are vital to our quality of life and peace. I am hopeful it is a concept that endures indefinitely.

Ty Hookway
President CleanCraft LLC

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