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The team behind your team

We hold ourselves to the highest standard so we can best serve our clients. Our team is committed to providing you and your staff with a clean, safe and productive work environment. Your CleanCraft team is trained, uniformed and ready to support your team every day.

We believe in creating relationships where everybody wins.

CleanCraft is committed to improving the quality of life for our customers, our employees and our community. We serve others by providing cleaner, healthier and more productive work environments. By achieving these goals, everybody wins:

  • Our employees have a workplace where they are treated with dignity and respect and future filled with opportunity
  • Our customers receive exceptional service, clean facilities and true value
  • Our suppliers have a partner able to help them succeed
  • Our community is home to safer, more productive businesses
  • Our company is successful and sustainable

We know excellence starts with committed people.

We stay abreast of janitorial industry developments and efficiencies. We meet and exceed industry standard for our processes, materials and leadership. We honestly recognize that our work relies on dedicated human beings and we each have to hold ourselves to the highest standard. Our accountability, follow up and communication process ensure we address issues quickly and thoroughly.

  • Ty Hookway, Founder

    Ty Hookway is founder and president of CleanCraft, a commercial cleaning company based in Rochester NY and covering upstate NY. CleanCraft was founded in 1995 and currently employs over 300 people.

    Thru out the years of growing and expanding Ty was, and continues to be, in awe of the numerous people he has worked with. He believes in the incredible talent and inherent good of CleanCraft’s employees. As a company CleanCraft strives to create life changing relationships by loving, coaching, mentoring and upholding best practices throughout the organization.

    The company’s guiding tenet is that there is infinite power, dignity and healing provided by work and that gainful employment adds impressive and positive benefits to the human experience.

    Ty and CleanCraft are pioneering social enterprise in Rochester with innovative hiring and employee development practices. In 2015 Ty felt a passionate desire to adjust the mission statement to better reflect his commitment to making a difference.

    The mission of CleanCraft is To create ‘quality of life and peace’ for all. Ty is certain that the mission statement and running a successful, profitable enterprise are not mutually exclusive. Ty and CleanCraft support a conscious capital model and continually strive for a win/win relationship with all stakeholders.

    Ty is a serial entrepreneur with successful ventures in consulting and other small business enterprises. He is a member of various boards and active within his church. Ty has a math degree from Holy Cross College; he grew up in Rochester and resides there with his wife Elizabeth and their children. He enjoys golf, reading and is an ardent lifelong learner.

  • John Hedges, Chief Financial Officer

    John Hedges co-founded CleanCraft LLC in 2009 and handles the legal, financial, and corporate strategy of the business. After 7 years in public accounting, John has purchased, formed, and operated several businesses and has served on several non-profit boards. He is a Rochester native, a grateful husband, and proud father of three sons, and an elated grandfather.

  • Stephanie Hookway, Administrative Manager

    Stephanie Hookway enthusiastically ensures that the daily office operations at CleanCraft LLC run smoothly. She has been active in the janitorial industry since 1995. Stephanie was an officer in the US Army for 16 years. She is a devoted wife, and the mother of two energetic boys.

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