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Specialty Cleaning Services

— Ultraviolet Cleaning

CleanCraft UVC Disinfecting Services

We are proud to offer UVC disinfecting services for hospitals and medical facilities.

UVC disinfecting increases the quality of our services to ensure medical-grade cleaning. The occurrence of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs, which cost the medical industry $11 billion yearly, decrease significantly when UVC disinfecting services are performed regularly.

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“High-Touch Point Surface Cleaning” No matter what space you have, high-touch point cleaning is essential for proper disinfection and infection prevention. High-touch point cleaning is one of the best ways to keep your space safe for all occupants year round.


CleanCraft uses EPA-approved disinfectant to sanitize all high-touch areas.

— Corona Virus

CleanCraft COVID-19 Cleaning Services

The pandemic is still affecting many industries. We are dedicated to creating a clean and safe space for employees and visitors.

CleanCraft uses EPA-approved disinfectant to sanitize all high-touch areas effectively preventing the spread of COVID 19 and other viruses.

Did you recently have a high level of exposure to COVID 19, related viruses or another virus in your space? Consider scheduling an EVS Electrostatic Spray. Our team will use an electrostatic sprayer to ionize the molecules of disinfectants, allowing the formula to adhere to all surfaces. This formula kills all bacteria on contact and continues to disinfect for up to seven days, or until a new pathogen is introduced to the surface.