CleanCraft has a 25-year history of cleaning medical spaces. In 2018 we hired and epidemiologist to keep us abreast of protocols and training for our employees in our medical space. Little did we know how fortuitous that decision was! CleanCraft has been uniquely prepared to quickly adjust our training and protocols for both commercial and medical space since the COVID outbreak.

The commercial cleaning industry, and its practices and procedures, will forever be changed, even revolutionized, as a result of the pandemic.

CleanCraft is committed to providing information for customers and employees to stay safe and informed. We are dedicated to providing our cleaners with relevant and timely training.

Our steadfast approach to our customers is to provide disinfecting or cleaning services that are reasonable, with non -predatory pricing that is rooted in calm and logic. We want to be with our customers during and after the discovery of our new normal.

If you require cleaning services, disinfection services or even just information please CONTACT US TODAY