Disinfecting Process

Surfaces must be dust free prior to disinfecting

Must use proper PPE

2 types of disinfecting processes

Touch point disinfecting

1) Apply disinfectant either using a spray bottle or disinfectant soaked cloth. Change to a new cloth

when it is no longer wet.

2)  Let the disinfectant “dwell” * (means to sit/stay on surface) so it can kill germs/virus

3) Let it air dry – do not wipe off

This service can be done one time, daily, weekly or ongoing thru out the day in public areas.

Thorough disinfecting

1)  Using a sprayer and manually apply hospital grade disinfectant to all hard surfaces 6’ and lower.

2)   Let the disinfectant “dwell “* (sit/stay on surface)

3)  Let it air dry

DWELL time (the amount of time the chemical sits/stays) The chemical needs to stay wet (dwell) for a certain amount of time (depending on the chemical). The temperature of the room will matter when this is done. If it dries too quickly it won’t have time to kill the germ/virus.